26 septembre 2009

Candlelit dinner

The last notes of the symphony reverberated through the auditorium, fading away slowly with the charm they had woven. A profound silence followed, but music’s spell still warmed the hearts, still raised the spirits. No applause could be heard; the musicians had not expected any.  For a moment, everyone remained seated, delaying the homecoming to reality, gathering the strength to stand up. A few spectators finally rose, then others. The musicians themselves headed to the loges, dragging their instruments behind them. Andreï... [Lire la suite]
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20 août 2009

War and peace throughout Europe

Whispers, clanks, cloth rustles were echoing in the large hall. Hordes of lackeys were struggling like mad men to complete the installation of both belligerents flags and coats of arms. The two delegations, separated by the red carpet running from the wide main doors to the makeshift throne at the opposite side, were looking daggers at each other. Everyone was expecting a quick peace agreement but was trying to cultivate his animosity, just in case. The most powerful men of Europe were here, the noblest lineages represented.   ... [Lire la suite]
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24 juillet 2009

Blood and taxes

In spite of these unbearable screams, the short thick man maintains his big knife in his victim’s neck. The tip of his tongue relentlessly moistens his lips as he stares ecstatically at the fountain of blood flowing in a wooden bucket. Red stains splash his strong hairy arms and not so white apron. Almost all villagers are gathered around in the fresh autumnal breeze, grim expressions painted on their gaunt faces. A baby is crying. No one tries to comfort him. The agony seems to drag on forever but probably doesn’t take more than... [Lire la suite]
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